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The table below provides release information for the OfficeLink application. To view current issues for OfficeLink, see Known Issues. To download the latest version of OfficeLink, iPhone users can click here for the App Store, and Android phone users can click here for the Google Play Store.
Release Date OfficeLink +New and *Improved Features
Aug-2018 v1.1.8 * Resolved minor issues
Jul-2018 v1.1.6

+ Send a photo as a chat message

Jun-2018 v1.1.4

+ View group chat participant list

+ Add to Home screen from a contact

* Hunt group display in Contacts list

May-2018 v1.1.0

+ Add hunt group tile to Home screen

+ DND (Do Not Disturb)

+ Chat typing indication

Apr-2018 v1.0.13

* Call history improvements

* Call notification improvements

Mar-2018 v1.0.11 * Chat notification improvements

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