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Create and Edit a Group

Tips, tricks and support

After you add multiple contacts as Tiles on the Home screen, you can combine specific contacts into one or more Groups. Groups can consist of contacts who are members of a specific team or contacts with whom you need to have recurring group conversations.
A group can have a maximum of 10 members.

The OfficeLink app enables you to start a conference call with all members of a Group, but only when all members are business contacts who have the OfficeLink app. Business contacts who do not have the OfficeLink app display an avatar with the  
icon. To place a Group call, tap the Group's Tile on the Home screen and then tap the phone icon displayed to the right of the Group's name.


To Create a New Group

To create a new Group, you need at least two contact Tiles on the Home screen. For help with adding contact Tiles, see Contacts Overview.
  1. Touch and hold the Home screen until the  icon appears.
  2. Touch and drag one contact Tile over another contact Tile to start a Group.
  3. In the Create a group screen that opens (see image below), do one of the following:
    • To copy both contacts into the new Group, tap Duplicate contacts to group. This keeps both contact Tiles on the Home screen.
    • To move both contacts into the new Group, tap Move contacts to group. This removes both contact Tiles from the Home screen.
  4. Type a name in the Group name field.
  5. Tap Save, which returns you to the Home screen, and tap Save again.

To Edit an Existing Group

  1. Touch and hold the Home screen until the  icon appears.
  2. To modify a Group’s membership or edit the name, tap the Group Tile and do the following in the Group screen that opens (see image below):
    • To remove contacts from the Group, tap the  displayed on each contact you want removed.
    • To add contacts to the Group, tap the  icon to add more members to the Group, tap each desired contact (adds a check mark), and tap Add to Group. For help, see Add Contacts to a Group.
    • To edit a Group name, tap the Group name, edit the name, and tap any unused space on the screen or tap the Done or Return key on your phone's keyboard.
  3. Tap Save (or Cancel) at the bottom of the screen.
  4. To navigate back to the Home screen, tap the icon to the left of the Group name. If you do this before tapping Save on the previous screen, tap Save at the bottom of the Home screen.

To Delete an Existing Group

See Delete a Group.