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Contacts Overview

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The OfficeLink app provides access to your business and personal contacts so you can communicate with them when you need to. Whenever your business contacts are added, changed or deleted in the Mitel Cloud, the updated contacts are available in the app. Optionally, you can allow the app to access your personal contacts on your mobile phone. To learn more, see Find a Contact.
Your contacts are represented by the different types of avatars listed below:
  • If a business contact has uploaded an image, it is displayed as that person's avatar.
  • If a business contact has not uploaded an image, the avatar defaults to that person's initials.
  • If a contact is a personal contact, the avatar always displays that person's initials.
  • If a business contact does not have the OfficeLink app, the avatar displays a blue phone  icon, which means you can call this person (at their Mitel desk phone), but you cannot chat with them.
  • If a business contact represents a "hunt group," the avatar displays a blue contacts (with phone)  icon followed by the name of the group and number of members. Calling a hunt group rings the phones of each person in the group until someone answers. In the Contacts example below, tapping Tech Support opens a page displaying the contact information for each of the 8 hunt group members. Note that each Hunt Group is configured in the MiVO250 PBX for your company's Mitel CloudLink account.

The Contacts screen enables you to search the contact list and filter the results so you can quickly find who you want to communicate with. For help, see Find a Contact.

When you tap a contact on the Contacts screen, that person’s profile screen opens displaying their contact Details and accessing the Activity tab reveals your recent call history. You will also find a chat icon and three different types of phone  icons to communicate with this person. The following explains how the different icons work:
  • message - Opens a chat screen for that contact where you can send a message.
  • cloudcall - Calls the contact’s MiVoice Office app (and desk phone if configured in CloudLink).
  • extension - Calls the contact’s desk phone (and MiVoice Office app if configured in CloudLink and the contact is logged into the app).
  • mobile - Calls the contact’s mobile phone number, but rings the MiVoice Office app first (if configured in CloudLink and the contact is logged into the app).

Adding Contacts as Tiles on the Home Screen

To add a contact to display as a Tile on the Home screen, access the Contacts screen, tap the desired contact, and tap "Add to Home" at the bottom of the screen.
To add multiple contacts to display as Tiles on the Home screen, you can also do the following:
  1. Touch and hold the Home screen until the + sign appears.
  2. Tap the + sign, which opens the Search Contact List screen.
  3. Tap each desired contact (adds a check mark next to each).
  4. Tap “Add to Home” at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Tap "Save" at the bottom of the Home screen.
Note: There are three Home screens where you can add Tiles. For details, see Tour of the Home Screen.
Each Tile added to the Home screen displays that contact’s live presence. To learn more, see View Contacts Status.
Tap any Tile on the Home screen to access options to call, chat, or view that contact.

Adding Contacts to Group Tiles

You can combine individual contact Tiles into a Group Tile. For help, see Create and Edit a Group and Add Contacts to a Group.
OfficeLink enables you to start a conference call with all members of a Group in just two taps.

Remove Contacts from Home Screen

To remove an individual contact that you previously added as a Tile on the Home screen:
  1. Touch and hold the Home screen until the + sign appears.
  2. Tap the X in the top-right corner of the desired contact Tile.
  3. Tap Save. 
You can also go the Contacts screen to tap the name of a contact you added as a Tile and tap "Remove from Home" at the bottom of the screen.

Deleting Contacts

The OfficeLink app users who are listed as an Admin Contact in the CloudLink Gateway Portal for their organization's account, can remove a registered OfficeLink user from the list of business contacts in the app. To remove a user, tap the desired business contact on the Contacts screen and in the contact's profile page that opens, tap the "Delete User" option. For help finding a contact, see Find a Contact. In the future, if you need to add the user back to the list of business contacts, the user needs to register their OfficeLink app again.