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Known Issues

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Users can update their Mitel OfficeLink app to the current version via the App Store icon on an iPhone or via the Play Store icon on an Android phone. Additionally, Register Your OfficeLink App provides links to download the current version.

iOS 12.0.1 Issues with iPhones using Versions Earlier than v2.0.1

When using versions of OfficeLink earlier than the v2.0.1 release, incoming calls to the app will fail when installed on an iPhone running iOS 12.0.1. To resolve this issue, ensure that all users update their OfficeLink app to the current version.

Chat Feature Not Backwards Compatible with Versions Earlier than v1.1.6

Caller ID Update Issues

In certain calling scenarios, the caller ID that appears may not be accurate when a mobile caller is transferred or retrieved from a parked call.

Mobile-only Users Not Supported

All OfficeLink users must have an extension programmed on their CloudLink account's MiVoice Office PBX with DEE enabled. This can be a physical or a phantom extension. The extension is required for call scenarios to function correctly.

Android Users Must Ignore Battery Optimizations

OfficeLink users with an Android device will not receive calls while the app is in the background unless “Ignore battery optimizations” is accepted when logging into the app. If you are experiencing this issue, logout and then log back into the OfficeLink app and accept “Ignore battery optimizations” when it appears. Alternatively, on your Android device go to Settings > Battery, tap Battery Usage, tap Ignore optimizations, select the OfficeLink app, and enable 'ignore battery optimizations.'

Android Users May See Text From Previous Chat Displayed in New Chat

If text from the previous chat is automatically populated in the current chat input area, to stop this from occurring, turn off the display of “predictive text” by doing the following:
  • When using a Samsung Galaxy S7 device, go to Settings, open ‘General management’ (if visible), tap 'Language and input,' scroll down to 'Keyboards and input methods' and tap 'Samsung keyboard', and below Smart typing, tap 'Predicative text' and set to Off.
  • When using other Android devices, go to Settings, tap ‘Language and input,’ scroll down to ‘Keyboard and input methods’ and tap ‘Virtual keyboard,’ tap Android Keyboard, tap 'Text correction,' and turn off "Next-word suggestions."