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What's My Account ID?

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Every OfficeLink account is identified by their numeric Account ID.
When you receive a “Welcome to Mitel OfficeLink” email, this Account ID is included in the email. When a new user installs the OfficeLink app and then registers their mobile device, the Account ID is required only when one of the following is true:
  • Your business email address was not provided to Mitel when you were entered into the OfficeLink system.
  • Your business email address was provided to Mitel, but it's on a public domain such as @gmail.com, @yahoo.com, @outlook.com, etc.
If you are trying to register or log into OfficeLink and the app prompts you to enter an Account ID, locate the “Welcome to Mitel OfficeLink” email that was sent to you previously and use the numeric code displayed at the bottom of the email. Otherwise, contact your IT administrator.
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