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Set Your Presence

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Your presence enables other OfficeLink users to know your availability status as explained below:

 Indicates you are Available to chat or receive calls.
 Indicates you are Busy and not ready to chat or receive calls. However, you will still receive calls, chats, and chat notifications when your presence is set to Busy. Note that your presence automatically changes to Busy while you are on a call.
Enables DND (Do Not Disturb) to block all new voice calls to your OfficeLink app (callers will hear a busy signal). This does not affect existing calls that are already ringing or connected to your app. All other OfficeLink features including chats and chat notifications will continue to be available on your app.
Please select the appropriate tab below to view instructions specific to your type of mobile phone

  1. Swipe right on the navigation bar at the bottom of the app.
  2. Tap the desired icon to set your presence to Available, Busy, or DND (Do Not Disturb).
  3. Swipe left to close your presence settings to restore access to the navigation bar and return to the screen you were viewing.

  1. From the header bar at the top of the app, tap the navigation menu icon .
  2. Tap your current presence setting, which is displayed with a drop-down arrow below your name and avatar.
  3. Tap the desired setting to set your presence to Available, Busy, or DND (Do Not Disturb).
  4. Swipe left on the navigation menu to return to the screen you were viewing.

If you also have a desk phone as part of your OfficeLink account, setting DND to ON from your desk phone changes the presence on your OfficeLink app to DND. Also, setting DND on your OfficeLink app sets DND to ON for your desk phone.