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MiVoice Office Settings

Tips, tricks and support

The Settings screen provides access to submit feedback, report an issue, change the app's color theme, access online help, logout, view the version number, and more.

The following explains how to utilize the options available on the Settings screen of the MiVoice Office app.
Profile – You can change your name and avatar at any time. Just tap the area with your name at the top of the screen, tap Edit in the next screen that appears, make the desired changes, and tap save. To learn more, see Set Up Your Profile.
Use GSM – When enabled, all outgoing calls are connected to the closest GSM cellular network via your mobile phone’s native dialer instead the MiVoice Office app. All incoming calls are answered via your mobile phone's native dialer too. This feature is enabled by default in the UK and EU. When the feature is disabled, all calls placed and received on the MiVoice Office app go through the app's blue call screen.
Submit Feedback – Please send your suggestions to help Mitel improve the app. Tap Submit Feedback, type your idea in the first text box, tap the "Post a new idea" button (if it appears), select a category from the menu below, enter a description of your idea, enter your email address, tap the “terms of service” check box, and tap the “Post idea” button.
Report Issue – We want to know when you experience any issues while using the app. Tap Report Issue, describe “what went wrong,” enter the steps needed to reproduce the issue, and tap SEND.
Theme – You can choose the background color you want displayed on your app. Just tap Theme, tap the desired color (adds a check mark), and tap the back arrow.
Need Help? – If you want to learn more about using the, tap "Need Help?" to open the MiVoice Office help.
Logout – You should logout only when you do not want to receive any more notifications of calls and chats. When you log back in, all of your calls, chats, and contacts will be there for you to access again.
Version – The version of the app that is installed on your mobile device is displayed at the bottom of the Settings screen. To see more details about this version, tap the Version number. This information is useful when reporting an issue.
Mitel is always looking for feedback about our applications. Make sure your voice is heard by using the Submit Feedback feature described above.