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Known Issues

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Caller ID Update Issues

In certain calling scenarios, the caller ID that appears may not be accurate when a mobile caller is transferred or retrieved from a parked call.

Android Users Must Ignore Battery Optimizations

MiVoice Office app users who have an Android phone will not receive calls while the app is in the background unless “Ignore battery optimizations” is accepted when logging into the app. If you are experiencing this issue, logout and then log back into the app named "Mitel Office" on your phone and accept “Ignore battery optimizations” when it appears. Alternatively, on your Android device, go to Settings > Battery, tap Battery Usage, tap Ignore optimizations, select "Mitel Office," and enable 'ignore battery optimizations.'

Android Users May See Text From Previous Chat Displayed in New Chat

If text from the previous chat is automatically populated in the current chat input area, to stop this from occurring, turn off the display of predictive text. If the instructions below are not accurate for your Android phone, do a search for your phone model along with "turn off display of predictive text.”
  • When using a Samsung Galaxy S7 device, go to Settings, open ‘General management’ (if visible), tap 'Language and input,' scroll down to 'Keyboards and input methods' and tap 'Samsung keyboard', and below Smart typing, tap 'Predicative text' and set to Off.
  • When using other Android devices, go to Settings, tap ‘Language and input,’ scroll down to ‘Keyboard and input methods’ and tap ‘Virtual keyboard,’ tap Android Keyboard, tap 'Text correction,' and turn off "Next-word suggestions."

Call Quality Issues on Pixel 3 Devices

The following issues might occur if Mitel MiVoice Office app is used with Pixel 3 devices;
  • extended wait time to connect a call after it has been answered
  • inconsistent audio quality
  • outgoing audio is not audible at the destination.