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Transfer a Call

Tips, tricks and support

Whenever you are on a call and need to transfer the call to someone, tap the transfer icon on the blue call screen of the MiVoice Office app. Prior to completing the transfer, if you need to return to the active call, just tap the green "Return to call” bar shown below, which appears at the top of every screen on your phone.


Tapping the transfer icon opens the Home screen where you can select a transfer recipient by doing one of the following:
  • Tap any Tile on the Home screen to transfer the call to that contact.
  • Tap the Contacts icon (next to the dialpad icon) and tap the desired contact to transfer the call.
  • Tap the dialpad icon to enter the desired phone number to transfer the call.
After selecting a Tile or contact, or dialing a phone number, tap the “complete transfer” icon that appears on the call screen. This ends the call for you and the caller on hold is placed in a call that is ringing the transfer recipient. Otherwise, tap the “cancel transfer” icon on the call screen to resume your call with the caller on hold.