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Place a Call on Hold

Tips, tricks and support

Placing a call on hold enables you to pause an active call while you do something else. When you tap the hold icon to place a call on hold, the icon changes to display a solid white background. This also disables the transfer icon. While a call is on hold, that person will hear silence unless hold music has been setup for your Mitel CloudLink account.

Hold Options

While a call is on hold, you can do the following:
  • To resume the conversation with the person on hold, tap the hold icon, which changes to display a transparent background.
  • To transfer the call, tap the hold icon to resume the call, tell the person who you will be transferring them to, tap the transfer icon, and select a transfer recipient. For help, see Transfer a Call.
  • To chat with the person on hold or another contact, tap the chat icon in the top-right corner of the call screen. For help, see Start a Chat Session.
  • To call someone else, use the dialpad or navigate to your contacts. For help, see Place a Call.
If you navigate away from the active call screen to access a different area of the MiVoice Office app or another app on your mobile phone, a “Return to call” bar appears at the top of every screen. Just tap this bar to return to the active call screen.