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Place a Call

Tips, tricks and support

The MiVoice Office app provides calling icons throughout the app to make it easy to place calls.

When you need to enter a phone number to place a call, tap the dialpad icon in the top-right corner of the Header bar. 



The easiest way to place a call is to tap any contact Tile on the Home screen and tap the blue phone icon. When "GSM" appears with the phone icon, the call is placed over the closest GSM network, otherwise, the call is placed over a Wi-Fi or LTE network. To learn how to select the type of network used by the app to place and receive calls, see "Use GSM" in MiVoice Office Settings.


To place a call while searching the Directory for contacts, tap the desired contact and tap the blue phone icon above Details.


To place a call while viewing your chat messages, swipe any row to the right and tap the green phone icon.


To place a call when you are chatting with someone, tap the phone icon displayed to the right of that person's name.


To start a conference call with all members of a Group, tap the Group's Tile on the Home screen and tap the phone icon displayed to the right of the Group's name. The requirements for Group calls are listed below. If you want to call one person in a Group, tap that person's Tile in the Group screen shown above and in the contact Details screen that opens, tap the blue phone icon.
  • The "Use GSM" feature must be disabled in the Settings screen to place a Group call, which requires a Wi-Fi or LTE network instead of a GSM network.
  • Group conference calls are supported only when all members of a Group are business contacts who have the MiVoice Office app. Business contacts who do not have the MiVoice Office app, but do have a Mitel desk phone, display an avatar with this blue phone icon .


To place a call while viewing your Call History, tap any item to immediately place a call to that person or group.

During an active call, if you navigate away from the call screen to access a different area of MiVoice Office or another app on your phone, if you need to return to the active call, just tap the green "Touch to return to call” bar that appears at the top of every screen on your phone.