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Troubleshoot Errors

Tips, tricks and support

Use the table below to troubleshoot issues and resolve problems you may encounter with the CloudLink Gateway and CloudLink Gateway Portal.
A standalone platform with an external Gateway appliance requires a DHCP server on the LAN. If a DHCP server is not running, the Gateway appliance will be unable to obtain an IP address and will not function correctly.

Accessing the Gateway Appliance

Message (Issue)Possible problemTry this
Update Error on an SMBC platform
(there was a problem with downloading an update to an embedded Gateway)
The Gateway may not be able to connect to
An administrator can apply the "Restart" command to the Mitel-CloudLink Gateway in the Software > Applications screen of the SMB Controller Manager admin console.
Unable to connect to CloudLink Gateway (http://cloudlink.local/ does not resolve)
No DHCP server or DHCP server failed to allocate an IP
Did not use http:// prefix

Bonjour service not installed or working
Unsupported browser
Log into the domain DHCP server and try to locate the CloudLink Gateway.
Connect using an "http://" prefixed IP address (e.g.
Uninstall and then reinstall Bonjour Print Services.
Use a supported browser
Access Denied
(You are not allowed to access this page on the Mitel MiAccess site)
The CloudLink 'policy' has not yet been assigned to you.
Contact the Mitel MiAccess administrator in your organization to request this access.
Update Error on a standalone platform
(there was a problem with downloading an update to an external Gateway)

The Gateway may not be able to connect to
The Gateway may not be able to resolve
Check firewall settings to see if outgoing 'https' access to is permitted.
Check DHCP configuration to see if there is a DNS server provided to the Gateway.
Ping from a machine connected to the same LAN subnet as the Gateway.
The Gateway Appliance Software Update topic provides more information.
Lost Connection to Gateway
(the connection to the Gateway appliance is not working)
Your browser is not able to communicate with the gateway.
Generally this is a temporary condition encountered when key services are not running inside the Gateway.
If this condition persists for an unusual length of time (more than 15 minutes) then reset the Gateway by pressing the recessed button.

Accessing the CloudLink Gateway Portal

Message (Issue)Possible problemTry this
Invalid email address
When configuring admin contacts or support contacts, or sending Welcome emails, you are unable to validate email addresses.
Contact Mitel Support to investigate.
If you need further assistance, contact Mitel Partner Technical Support via a login at