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Partner Dashboard

Tips, tricks and support

The home page of the CloudLink Gateway Portal, which is also known as the Partner Dashboard, can be used to do the following:
  • Create customers in the CloudLink platform.
  • Associate a CloudLink Gateway with a customer.
  • Connect a CloudLink Gateway to a PBX.
  • View and manage previously created CloudLink customers.
After you create a customer in the CloudLink Platform, that customer is listed in the Partner Dashboard.

Follow these instructions to log into the CloudLink Gateway Portal.
The following image shows an example of the Partner Dashboard the first time a partner logs into the CloudLink Gateway Portal:
When you log into the CloudLink Gateway Portal via the Mitel MiAccess Portal, your MiAccess account is created as a customer in the CloudLink Platform.
If you have a CloudLink Gateway and a PBX on your LAN, you can onboard your own MiAccess account into CloudLink to become familiar with the process. Doing this also enables your account to use CloudLink applications such as OfficeLink and MiVoice Office.

Every customer in the CloudLink Platform is assigned a unique identifier known as the 'Account ID'.

User Interface Elements

The following diagram shows the user interface elements of the Partner Dashboard:

The following table describes the user interface elements of the Partner Dashboard:
User Interface Element    
Mitel MiAccess Identity
This is your name as provisioned in the Mitel MiAccess system. To change this name, update your MiAccess profile.
Mitel MiAccess Organization Name  
This is the name of your organization as provisioned in the Mitel MiAccess system. To change this, an administrator can update your organization.
You can click this control and choose a photo or image to represent you. This image will be present in CloudLink applications (e.g. OfficeLink and MiVoice Office).
Create Customer
Use the "Create Customer" button to create a new customer in the CloudLink platform.
Customer List
A table appears below the "Create Customer" button displaying one row with the following four columns of data for each of your customer accounts.
  • Customer Name - Name of the customer account.
  • Account ID - Unique ID for the account.
  • Registered Users - Number of registered users for the account. Click the linked number to view the Registered User List that shows the Name, Extension, and Email Address for each registered user.
  • Status Message - The current status indicates the next step in the onboarding process (shown in blue) or an error that needs to be resolved (shown in red).  A status of "Overview" indicates a successful customer deployment.
At the bottom of the Gateway Portal are the following links:
  • Shortcuts - Useful keyboard shortcuts you can use while managing customer accounts.
  • Help - Access to the online CloudLink help.
  • Feedback - Access to the Mitel CloudLink UserVoice site where you can suggest new or vote on existing ideas for future development.
  • Status - Access to the online status page for Mitel systems. 

Customer List Status Messages

The current status of each customer is shown as a link on the right side of your list of customers. Click anywhere in the list to navigate to an existing customer account. If there is a problem with a customer's account, that information is displayed in red with a brief explanation to help troubleshoot the issue. Click the linked error message to learn more. When the status displays "Overview," this indicates a successful customer deployment. The following shows typical status messages for a customer account.

Creating a New Customer

Click the Create Customer button to create a new customer in the CloudLink Platform then follow the instructions in Enter Customer Information. From here you can proceed to associate the customer with a CloudLink Gateway and connect or sync the CloudLink Gateway to the PBX.

Modifying an Existing Customer

Click anywhere in the row of an existing customer to navigate to the customer and modify the existing connection to the CloudLink Platform or the PBX. You can also do this to perform troubleshooting.
The CloudLink Gateway Portal can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection to modify or delete an existing customer.

To properly associate a Gateway with a new customer on the CloudLink platform, you must first access the CloudLink Gateway Portal by connecting to the Gateway. After a customer has already been associated with a Gateway, you can access the CloudLink Gateway Portal directly or via Mitel MiAccess to onboard and manage customers. To learn more, see Access the CloudLink Gateway.