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Enter Customer Information

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For SMBC platforms, the Sync step is used instead of the PBX and Connect steps shown above.

The Customer step of the onboarding process requires entering information about the customer including defining domains and adding site administrators.
  1. Enter the following information:
    • Customer Information - Enter the customer's name and complete mailing address (not necessarily the PBX location). Also be sure to select the most closely associated value from the Business Type menu, which is used only as statistical information to help Mitel better serve customers.
    • Admin Contacts - Enter any number of site administrators to provide these contacts with advanced privileges for managing CloudLink application(s). For example, in the OfficeLink application, an administrator can add, change, and delete other users from the account.
    • Support Email Addresses - Enter one or more email addresses as shown in the example below. When your customers report an issue with a CloudLink application, an email is sent to the email address(es) entered here. Partners and Resellers are responsible for addressing the issues reported by their customers and when needed, contacting Mitel Partner Technical Support via the appropriate channels.             
  2. Click Next.
(info) In the CloudLink Gateway Portal, you cannot edit data that belongs to Mitel, for example, your account name.

See Configure the Customer Site for information about the next step of the onboarding process (Gateway).