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Configure the Customer Site

Tips, tricks and support

For SMBC platforms, the Sync step is used instead of the PBX and Connect steps shown above.

The Gateway step of the customer onboarding process requires the following:
For standalone and SMBC platforms, configure the customer's CloudLink Gateway site by doing the following:
  • In the Gateway Information area, enter the site name and complete address for the physical location of the PBX if different from your business address (populated by default).
For standalone platforms, configure the Ethernet ports on the external Gateway appliance or on the virtual machine by doing the following:
  • In the Appliance Ethernet Configuration area, choose one of the following options.  You can configure your DHCP server to assign a fixed IP address to the CloudLink Gateway or you can provide a static IP configuration. For more information about these options, see the Assigning an IP Address section of the Install the CloudLink Gateway Appliance topic.
    • Select DHCP to enable your DHCP server to set the necessary IP addresses.
    • Select Static to manually set the following IP addresses:
      • IP Address (static IP address assigned to Port 1)
      • Subnet Mask (subnet mask of the LAN to which Port 1 is connected)
      • Default Gateway (IP address of the router that the CloudLink Gateway will use to route IP traffic to the Internet)
      • DNS Servers (IP addresses separated by commas with the primary DNS server listed first)
For all platforms, click Save or Next.
For standalone platforms, see Enter PBX Information for details about the next step of the onboarding process (PBX).
For SMBC platforms, see Connect or Sync the PBX for information about the next step of the onboarding process (Sync).