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Program CloudLink Application User

Tips, tricks and support

Each CloudLink application user requires the following programming actions:
  1. In MiVoice Office 250, navigate to System > Devices and Feature Codes > Phones.
  2. In the Phones folder, for each Associated Extension, set the Outgoing Extension to 92000.

                Setting Outgoing Extension for mobile application users

  3. Navigate to the Users folder and configure or verify the following settings for each CloudLink application user:
    • E-mail Address = This field is set to the email address the user is required to enter when registering the CloudLink application on their mobile device. If the user’s email address is in the same domain as the CloudLink account, the user just enters their email address when registering. Otherwise, the user enters the Account ID sent to them in the "Welcome" email. The Account ID, which identifies the customer, is created when the customer is onboarded. When the Channel Partner onboards a customer, they may provide email addresses that are in more than one domain. The "Welcome" email can be sent to all users. Note that the "Welcome" email also includes links to the online stores where the CloudLink application (e.g. OfficeLink) can be downloaded.
    • Enable Dynamic Extension Express = Yes

                                Configuring a CloudLink application user

  4. For each CloudLink application user, select the Associated Destinations folder. If the user already has a 'Mobile' number programmed, add a 'Mobile 2' number for CloudLink.
    The following image, which was captured from a system in North America, shows an example where the 'Mobile 2' Destination field was set to a four-digit extension (7661) followed by the ten-digit number (4805551212) set in the 'Mobile' Destination field above. Your system may require a different extension to account for a 'Mobile' number that is longer than ten digits.

                           Adding the application user's mobile phone number

  5. For each CloudLink application user, select the Dynamic Extension Express folder to set the Destination 2 value for Step Number 1 to the Type configured for Associated Destinations.

                   Prioritizing the CloudLink application