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Create Call Routing Tables

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A Call Routing Table is used to control the Inbound Calls from a CloudLink application to the MiVoice Office 250.
The table below shows examples of dialing patterns, which may be different from the dialing patterns used in your dial plan. In these examples:
  • The 1XXX internal extension dialing pattern indicates the use of 4-digit extensions that begin with a 1.

  • The 1480XXXXXXX dialing pattern defines the digit strings that enable the SIP Trunk to dial local PSTN numbers.
    The seven X’s denote the digits after "1480" that are required for local calls.

  • The 2XXX dialing pattern enables the use of voicemail and other applications to be called from a mobile CloudLink application like OfficeLink.

Ring-In Type
Ring-In Destination
Collected Digits
92000 (ARS)
Voice Mail
Collected Digits


  1. In the MiVoice Office PBX, navigate to the System > Trunk-Related Information > Call Routing Tables folder.
  2. To add the desired dialing patterns, edit the Call Routing Table assigned to CloudLink, which is typically Call Routing Table 2. To be certain, select the same Call Routing Table number selected in the Trunk Group Configuration folder for the new SIP Trunk Group.

Example Call Routing table for use with the CloudLink Gateway

Note: If a table other than Call Routing Table 2 is assigned to CloudLink, edit that table instead. Call Routing Table 1 is required for the E.164 standard.