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Configure a MiVoice Office 250 PBX

Tips, tricks and support

Each of the following topics provides instructions for configuring a MiVoice Office 250 PBX for CloudLink. These instructions indicate which specific settings require setting or selecting a certain value. Unless otherwise noted, leave all other settings set to the default value.


CloudLink applications can be installed on a customer’s MiVoice Office 250 PBX along with most other applications except for Phone Manager or MiCollab client. However, for dealer demo systems only, Phone Manager and CloudLink applications can coexist. To learn more, see HO2720 in the Mitel KMS.


  • MiVoice Office 250 PBX Release 6.3 or later.
  • The CloudLink Gateway is assigned a static IP address.


  • No licenses are needed because a MiVoice Office 250 PBX automatically releases the needed OAI and SIP trunk licenses when the Gateway is configured as a Trusted Application.
  • The OAI (open architecture interface) connection is not supported through a Mitel CT Gateway.
To find out if a customer deployment has been successfully completed or if more work is required, access the Partner Dashboard in the CloudLink Gateway Portal and view the status message for the desired customer.
When the PBX configuration work has been completed, which includes all Customer Onboarding work, the CloudLink Gateway is automatically configured and there is no additional programming to do. Note that all changes made to the MiVoice Office PBX are propagated immediately to the CloudLink Platform.