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User Identification

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Each CloudLink customer account can be associated with one or more email domains.
However, each unique email domain can be associated with only one customer account.

When customer users register to use a CloudLink application, they provide their email address so CloudLink can send them a verification email.
If a user’s email domain is already configured in their organization’s customer account, CloudLink recognizes and validates the user's email address and associates it with that account
Conversely, if a user's email address is not recognized by CloudLink (or the user’s email address is on a public domain), then the CloudLink application will ask the user to provide the unique Account ID associated with their organization’s account. This Account ID is included in the “Welcome to Mitel” email that is sent when administrators configure users to provide them with access to the CloudLink app.
It is not possible to configure public email domains for a CloudLink customer account. Examples of public domains include,,, etc.
If an organization does not own an email domain, then there is no need to provide an email domain for that account.