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Email Verification

Tips, tricks and support

When a customer user registers to use to a CloudLink application and provides their business email address, the CloudLink platform will send a verification email to the user to confirm that they own that email address.
This verification email includes a Verify Email button and a numeric code. Pressing this button when viewing the email on the mobile device or manually entering the verification code in the app will send a text message to the user. This text message contains a numeric access code that must be entered in the CloudLink app to authenticate with the CloudLink platform and complete the registration process. For detailed instructions for registering your CloudLink application, see Register Your OfficeLink App.
During the registration process for your CloudLink app, if the user did not provide a business email address to Mitel or if that email address is on a public domain, the user will be prompted to enter the Account ID displayed in the ‘Welcome to Mitel’ email that was previously sent to the user.