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Customer Accounts and Admin Contacts

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Customer Accounts

In CloudLink, a customer account is where the users for that account are added. All users in a specific customer account may interact with each other using a CloudLink application. For example, users who work for XYZ Company can use the OfficeLink app to place and receive calls and chats to other users who work for XYZ Company. To facilitate this, each user must be manually added to the customer account.
Each customer account is identified by a unique numeric Account ID, which is utilized by the email verification process.

Admin Contacts

Administrative permissions can be assigned to specific users by adding them to the Admin Contacts list in the customer account.

When one of these users registers their account, they will receive advanced CloudLink applications permissions, which are not available to regular end users. For example, the OfficeLink application will provide additional controls that allow Admin Contacts to delete users from the customer account.
When you delete an Admin Contact in a customer account, the user only loses their advanced permissions (the user is not deleted from the account).